When winter hits, the pants come out!

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I love to wear dresses or skirts with tops because they are usually a lot less restrictive and easy to move in.  However, when I get cold…out come the pants!  To make sure we are on the same page, when I talk about pants, I am talking about dress slacks, maybe cargo or a straight leg slimming everyday pant, but not jeans.  Hey I love jeans, but just not on me!  I have a hard time feeling comfortable in them.  Regardless of the brand or style, they never seem to fit me properly, which is why the up and coming Silhouettes # 3300 project…can’t wait! 

Now…back to pants.  Overall, I have had decent luck getting a good fit with pants that I have purchased, but I feel it is time to break free from the chains that have kept me prisoner to store bought pants, face my fear and learn to make my own…that fit!  Then on to jeans! 

For starters, I decided to try this Vogue 1051 Alice + Olivia pattern because I liked the overall style.



Vogue 1051


They have a wide waist band which I find comfortable, a slightly flared leg, and welt pockets in the front and back which are intimidating to me because I don’t do enough welts though that is about to change!