McCalls 7119 Stretches Beyond Boundries

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Hi there!  I’m finally back and trying to get into the swing of things.  Actually, I have been sort of in the production mode.  Just converted about 70 lbs. of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce and salsa which I then canned.  Last month I was able to can my spicy and dilly beans as well as my beloved Canadian Harmony peaches so I think we are almost ready for winter!


I’m healing up nicely, taking several days out each week for physical therapy but time, I think, is the biggest healer.  Then there is the fashion show…the fashion show…what fashion show? Well, the one that I’ve been working for since this last February… it would be Portland Fashion Week. Nope, I’m not designing clothes to show at it, nor am I a runway  model…they think I’m too short… HA! I’m an Amazon woman… in my mind! Actually, I’m a producer. I don’t do anything super glorious or thought provoking… and likely what I’ve done will never go down in history.  BUT… it’s Portland Fashion Week, and I get to be one of the cogs that drives the wheels of fashion here in Oregon and that’s good enough for me!


Now it’s time however, to get back to work and start sewing!  I’m starting a new project this month after I finish two that I’m almost done with but the one I want to talk about in this post is a dress that I made in July before I decided to wreck on a motorcycle!  The fabric I chose for the project was what I used as an intro picture in my June post when I talked about my impressionist dress and this is it.


Impressionist Fabric ArtRS


It was sort of a stretchy fabric, not much, but a little more than I anticipated.  For my canvas, I decided it would be  McCall’s 7119.




The pattern instructions called for wovens or stable knits and after much deliberation, I decided that my colorful sort-of-stretchy knit would be okay!  After-the-fact, I’m happy with the outcome but I don’t think it was as stable as I thought.  You’ll see in one of my pictures why I say this. Considering it all, I’m still happy with the dress.  I had planned on wearing it this summer but it appears that summer is almost over so may have to wait until the next one comes around unless for some miraculous reason I find myself going to the Bahamas or something!


The pattern was easy to follow…from what I remember!  June seems so long ago after everything that has happened.  I do recall that trying to position the bodice back and bodice fronts onto the neck band was a little trying.  I think I kept messing up which markings were for what because all I kept seeing was a lot of straps!


Here is a close up picture of the front. The left shoulder looks a little odd but it’s the way I have it lying on the table…oops!




This is the front showing where the slot is for the waist tie to pull through.




The bodice back.  Once again, the placement of the left shoulder is weird!




In several of the pictures of me wearing it, you’ll get to see why I’m thinking that knits should be avoided.  The front doesn’t reveal it, however… my posing, I think, was less than satisfactory!  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was having a dumpy feeling day…most everyone understands what those are I think!?




This is the tell tale picture.  Note that the waist seam is hanging below the tie.  I didn’t notice until after the pictures nor did my daughter, the photographer! I think the bodice front and back, overall, pull down with the weight of the skirt which I didn’t expect.




Of course the dress is full length with a little extra on the back hem.




I think the remedy for the tie sitting on the waistline is to drop it a bit before tying it into a knot but if I’m on a tropical beach…who cares! Right!?


There are various ways the ties can be wrapped and knotted but for this photoshoot moment and because I was pressed for time, this is what I did.




Despite this dress stretching beyond boundaries, I like it! I’m thinking though that it might be nice to make another in a street length because it is so comfortable. But…first I have to find just the right fabric!




Have a great rest of the summer since it’s not officially over until September 21!

À la vôtre! Jessica


  1. Hi! Great to see you’re back in action. Been missing you at the Lunch Bunch and ASG events. That’s a great dress. I hope you get to wear it in the Bahamas or other tropical place before next summer. I’m not quite ready for summer to be over (last week, sniff). Good luck with your PT and with PFW you lucky duck!

    • Well thank you! The dress has its quirks but I doubt me or anyone else will notice them when I’m wearing it on that tropical beach somewhere. We’ll all be too busy soaking up the sun! LOL I’ve missed seeing all of you girls at Lunch Bunch and will be back soon, promise!
      À la vôtre! Jessica

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