An “Enjoying Life Moment”

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Today’s post is going to be about nothing!  Well – not nothing, but instead of the usual sewing  discussions or the occasional rant, I decided to get off the merry-go-round and take a moment to talk about what I like to do when I choose to just enjoy life.  I would like to think that this activity is very French and so I think appropriate for this little blog site sitting in the middle of  a big blog world!

On the menu today…


Wine and Cheese Moment


Yes, you got it.  Cheese, crackers, grapes, macadamia nuts AND wine!  Wine that I made.  So there…also shared a little something more about myself – besides being a sewing artist, I am also a winemaker!


It’s been a wonderful day.  Have not cleaned my house like I should have but instead spent quality time with my daughter.  I could be sewing the buttons on the sweater, McCalls 6708, that I just finished or start sewing together the pieces that have been cut for the Simplicity 1797 dress, but hey… I need to take a brief time out, sip my glass of wine, snack on my cheese plate and just chill-lax!


Since I am writing about enjoying the moment, this may be a good time to mention the book that my son Jared surprised me with several days ago…


The Little Book of Chanel



No…no major gift giving event.  He got it for me because he knows I love books, especially when they are about Coco Chanel.  I have had such a fascination with this woman.  Within the pages are some gorgeous pictures as well as some more tidbits that I didn’t know.


There are several dresses shown in the book that were done in the 50’s and 60’s that I love and have attempted to take pictures of to share with you.


Chanel White Gown - 1960


The bodice fits the body like a glove and the full skirt flares out dramatically from the hips with horizontal layers of ruffles.



Chanel Trumpet Shaped Black Gown - 1958


A cocktail dress made in black lace. It is boned and strapless with a trumpet-shaped skirt and triple flounce.


Coca said “Dress women in black or white at a ball.  They will catch the eye”.   Hmm.. maybe I better quit enjoying life, try to find a ball to attend and start sewing a gown!  First I need to finish my cheese and wine though!

Salut!  Jessica

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