When It All Falls Down

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The picture above is of South Falls at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon… that rectangular shaped state that I live in.  You are probably wondering at this point how I’m going to tie together a water fall and sewing right!? Well… I took this picture on a late afternoon while hiking around the park with some of my bestest best friends.  It was a very warm day and we were having a wonderful time, especially because our trip to the park was a spectacular ride on motorcycles.  When we were done hiking, back to the bikes we went and off we rode into the sunset… then the bike I was on with me as a passenger… crashed.


I am very happy to say that both of us walked away… well actually I didn’t, I got an ambulance ride to the helicopter that took me to the hospital.  Fortunately, I was only knocked out, and yes, I was wearing a full helmet.  We had done everything right, it was just a curve in the road and a rock, or something that didn’t like tires! Neither of us have any life threatening damage, just a bunch of road rash which is horribly painful I’ve discovered and I have some muscle or tendon damage in one of my legs.  My biggest concern with it is that hockey starts in about 4 weeks and I really need it to work right!


Anyways, I’ve not been doing any garment sewing so don’t have anything to share at the moment.  I’m starting to get back into the swing of things and I promise that I’ll have things to share this next month. Take care and hope you are enjoying the summer.  Believe it or not… despite a bit of a set back, it’s been a pretty awesome summer so far and it’s not over yet!


Because music makes me happy, I thought  I would share with you one of my favorite songs! It’s a YouTube clip so when a little ads pop up, you know what to do (click the x  🙂 )  Enjoy!



À la vôtre! Jessica

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